XIWEI Elevator (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

XIWEI elevator (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. The total investment of $ 38 million, the factory headquarters is located in the beautiful ancient Surabaya – Siyang, Jiangsu, covers an area 120,000㎡, office buildings 6,000 square meters, has a 87m high test tower, a production workshop 30,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 20,000 units. The adoption of advanced elevators, escalators production process and the assembly process and scientific management system, to ensure that the advanced product design, safe and stable, low failure rate, long life and other characteristics. The company has adopted a number of quality and safety certifications include ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, OHSAS18001, etc., product quality excellence.
While companies in all major markets around the world has service outlets and offices, all products have obtained CE certification, in line with European standards, build a good protection for overseas market development and services, selling products in domestic and overseas markets, has won customers around the world high degree of trust.
XIWEI elevator has the 87 meters high experiment towel which aims at the height, flow and capacity characteristic of the elevator. It ensures the stable functions of every accessory. It improves the practicability comfortable experience and safety of elevator in the realistic operation.
The exhibition room covers 1050㎡, which includes company image exhibition area, products exhibition area, multimedia exhibition area and other functional exhibition area, With advanced exhibition equipment and technology, it can show the company′s leading technology and comprehensive product categories in all round.

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Grasping core technology of elevator

The company adhere to the development road of independent innovation and international cooperation combining with Italian XIWEI Electric Co., Ltd. to establish strategic cooperative relations to ensure a reliable source of imports of the elevator control system; at the same time the company set up jointly with the University of Detroit Institute of Machinery for XIWEI elevator providing leading edge technology to support R & D and manufacturing machinery.

Adhering to innovating scientific belief

Innovation and continuous development is the cultural cornerstone of XIWEI. It relies on the various research and development centers of American XIWEI in Europe and America, combines characteristics of target market, and devotes itself to bringing in, research and development so that XIWEI can become the leader in energy-saving, green and environmental-friendly elevator tide. It treats environment-protection and future life as the core concept of corporate development and has researched a new generation of environmental-friendly, energy-saving and leading products, which consolidates the leading role of XIWEI elevator in the industry.

Integrity, harmony, innovation and satisfaction

The company adheres to the core values of “integrity, harmony, innovation and satisfaction” and adheres to the customer-centered concept, and promotes service strategy continuously. At present, through the method of setting up branch agencies and establishing agent points, it has set up comprehensive marketing, installment, service, maintenance and renovation network in the whole country so as to get close to the demands of the market as well as clients and provide more convenient services.


XIWEI Elevator (Jiangsu) Co. limited introduces the advanced elevators, moving escalator manufactory skills, assembly process and scientific management system from America XIWEI Elevator Company. Meanwhile, it uses the latest developed technology from America XIWEI Elevator Company and America XIWEI Electric Company through the leading information resources stage in the industry to perfect the purchasing supply line and integrate the outstanding production model. All of these provide powerful security for high quality elevator production.


XIWEI Elevator owns the world leading manufactory management system and strictly follows America 6S quality controlling management process. It achieves the high efficient interaction among human, technology and equipment. Control the life of production through humanity designing and strict precision work production standard. It let every elevator product become more excellent and more outstanding.


Uses the modernized industry arrangement concept, office service center, manufacturing and production center, technology research and development center, scientific arrangement of logistics and transportation center with mufti functions.


Inherited US manufacturing robust industrial spirit, the introduction of advanced production equipment and all kinds of modern manufacturing processes; at the same time the introduction of advanced elevator control technology, the system control is more reasonable, accurate and efficient; set of large-scale, information, intelligence management in one .


XIWEI Elevator (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd owns complete marketing network system in Chinese market and it provides one-stop brand service in pre-sales consulting, installment service, after-sale maintenance, thereby guaranteeing the quality of XIWEI elevator.And to develop networks around the world.