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Christine Norris
Proudly Offers For Sale
sj mikado by nakhda balthazaar offered for sale

Tail Male: Jamil El Kebir (APK)

Tail Female: KADISZA
PASB*441 1887

Purebred Arabian Gelding


SJ Mikado by Nakhda Balthazaar

SJ Mikado ( Nakhda Balthazaar  x  Mystiique) 

SJ Mikado, perfect walk trot horse. 
He will take care of a small rider and move on
with their experience as they grow. 
Extremely quiet, steady, honest walk trot mount. 
13 years old.  Has been shown locally the last few years
in Hunt Seat Pleasure, always placing in the top ribbons. 
Miki needs to get back to work doing what he loves,
putting young kids in the arena and teaching them
to show and growing their confidence. 
Miki is always in the top ribbons,
2007 Region 11 Top Five walk trot with my timid daughter
and 2010 Region 11 Champion Walk Trot
with my youngest daughter.  My girls have moved on to Saddleseat equitation. 

7000.00 obo

Sire:  Nakhda Balthaaar
Nakhda Balthazaar, Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa
AHR 521909 1995 Black Stallion
Straight Egyptian,    Al Khamsa,    100% Asil,   56.26% Babson Bred
Pure in Strain 1st Generation:  Dahman Shahwan
Bred by John & Marianne Hacklander
2010 Video of Nakhda Balthazaar


Contact Information:

Chris Norris
Garden City, MO USA

Home Office:  (816) 773-2134
Cell:  (816) 456-8307

Watch Video of SJ Mikado





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SJ Mikado AHR  576214  Bay Gelding DOB:  February 28, 2000

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