XIWEI auto-walk uses stream design integrated with novelty and fashion and creativity, in an elegant and generous posture, it waits quietly at each corner of the city and conveys passengers silently. With low-key beauty,XIWEI autowalk insists to be the supporting role of the buildings; however, its strengthbased carrying capacity shows the advancement of its technology, and the reliability of its cant’ as well as the comfort of its using experience.

Compact structure, has more freedom in design

The tread of XIWEI auto-walk uses short pedal design, which shortens the space to make the structure more compact So it not only saves more space, but improves the universality and flexibility, and it can be used easily into various constructions.

Colorful decorations, dress up the space beautifully

The handrails of XIWEI auto-walk can meet individual needs of different workplaces with various colors and attractive designs; the frontn plate of it is made into repousse, which has three-dimensional sense, and it is both anti-slip and beautiful.